Villa Marti: Part 2

Alright, so here we go on the big picture post! It is both a big post with pictures, and the post where I finally realized I can make all of the pictures big.

I’ve been at Villa Marti for four days now, enjoying the hard work and taking in the local scenery.

IMG_20150605_073524_876Pink and grey galahs at the bird feeder outside the kitchen window.

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Villa Marti: Part 1

(Note: This will be a short post, as I’m updating from my phone. More photos and stories to follow.)

I arrived at my first WWOOF host farm, Villa Marti in Mt. George, on Thursday afternoon. Tucked up in the Manning Valley, roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, my hosts Chris and Graham have spent the past five or so years establishing a 125-acre homestead with bees, fruits, veggies, a polydactyl handful of chooks (Australian for chicken), and plenty of pastureland and projects.


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