Quick Update: Lambing and Such

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, mostly because happy animals have been happy, and I’ve been really kicking in on my freelancing work. I’m about to go up the hill, though, and hang out with Molly the soon-to-be mum. Of course she decides to lamb the day we were going to move her down to a more convenient place.

If all goes well, I’ll have the boy sheep moved, the girl sheep moved, and Molly and her new lamb(s) down in the tractor shed before dark. Miles to go before I sleep, though, and a lot of those are uphill, literally.

I’ll try to post more while I’m sitting up the hill, staring at the sure-to-be-illuminating spectacle/miracle of birth.


Coming Soon: The Harvest


I’ve got a three-part post coming soon about the honey harvest this autumn. I did one half-frame by hand a couple of weeks before the rest, just to see, and then the rest over three days, with the use of a hand-cranked extractor. More pictures and details to come!