Villa Marti: Part 3

[Note: Corrections and additions made in bold, about eight hours after the original post– I had to check my work log and spend forever uploading pictures.]

It’s been a whole week since my last post, and we’ve been busy as all out! I’ll have a massive photo drop here soon, as soon as the 6 dozen or so photos upload, but I’ll do a quick rundown of the things I’ve been up to, and go a bit more in-depth about the things I wasn’t able to get photos of. (I probably won’t get to the accommodations post until just before I leave, but I’ll get there!)

Let’s see, last you heard, we’d hung the roof frame on the shade house, so that was last Monday. I’ll do a quick rundown of what we’ve accomplished on each day since, and I’ll follow up in the next post with photos where I note they’ll be attached.¬†[Pictures have been added to this post, instead! NOTE: IT IS VERY PICTURE-HEAVY BELOW THE FOLD.]

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Upholstery Beemergency ?

I checked in on the hives on June 22nd, a rather quick in-and-out of the top super to inspect a few frames. I’m a little concerned by what’s going on in the Silvers, as per usual, but it might, might¬†just be that their pollen’s funny colors.

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Airport Reading

I know, I know, there’s nothing I can do until next week to ascertain the Blue Queen’s survival or, if necessary, replacement. But I’m still fretting over the emergency supercedure cell, and will continue to do so. If the queen is not present, I must remain watchful for signs of nosema (what amounts to a fatal digestive infection that can spread through the hive). Lemongrass oil, an appetite stimulant, may also be a good idea.

Does it make sense to be jealous that bees get stomach infections that can be treated by eating more? Well, no. Does understanding it’s nonsense make me less jealous? Not a whit.

Just keeping notes to myself here, before I forget. That is all.

Always Check The Forecast

Obvious. OBVIOUS. However.

While I am generally an excellent planner, I seem to have forgotten a very basic thing: bees aren’t just beholden to my, and their own, schedules. There’s the bloom, of course, and the weather.

I woke up this morning to the sound’s of last night’s rainstorm still going on, and immediately grabbed my phone to check the forecast for today. The forecast, in fact, for the next few days:


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