Tansley Farm: Part 0.5

Good lord, I’ve been here over a week, uploaded photos and videos, and have yet to actually post anything. Based on the numbering of this post, feel free to assume this won’t be a proper entry, either.

Just wanted to say I’m alive, and terrifically busy, and enjoying every bit of it. Big posts to come soon, including the final summary of Villa Marti, as well as a discussion of what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been sketching out an explanation of just what my goals are, with this whole taking-off-to-explore thing.

Lots going on, really, and I’ve gotta get up early to milk a goat and take care of animals before going bottle cider. So many good things happening!


In Transit

I’m sitting at the Sydney Domestic airport, drinking a couple of beers and reading a rather excellent book I just bought. Met another interesting person on the train from Wingham, but for now I’m reading and eating cheese, waiting for my flight. Adelaide tonight, and onto Tansley Farm. On the flight I’ll write my reference for Chris and Graham, and finally draft my accommodations post. Just wanted to drop a line for those who may be in the water, so to speak.

Villa Marti: Part 3

[Note: Corrections and additions made in bold, about eight hours after the original post– I had to check my work log and spend forever uploading pictures.]

It’s been a whole week since my last post, and we’ve been busy as all out! I’ll have a massive photo drop here soon, as soon as the 6 dozen or so photos upload, but I’ll do a quick rundown of the things I’ve been up to, and go a bit more in-depth about the things I wasn’t able to get photos of. (I probably won’t get to the accommodations post until just before I leave, but I’ll get there!)

Let’s see, last you heard, we’d hung the roof frame on the shade house, so that was last Monday. I’ll do a quick rundown of what we’ve accomplished on each day since, and I’ll follow up in the next post with photos where I note they’ll be attached. [Pictures have been added to this post, instead! NOTE: IT IS VERY PICTURE-HEAVY BELOW THE FOLD.]

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Villa Marti: Part 1

(Note: This will be a short post, as I’m updating from my phone. More photos and stories to follow.)

I arrived at my first WWOOF host farm, Villa Marti in Mt. George, on Thursday afternoon. Tucked up in the Manning Valley, roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, my hosts Chris and Graham have spent the past five or so years establishing a 125-acre homestead with bees, fruits, veggies, a polydactyl handful of chooks (Australian for chicken), and plenty of pastureland and projects.


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A Series of Photos with Little Commentary

I’ve spent the past couple of days wandering around Sydney, getting a couple good rambles in the suburbs to the north and west. I’ve had some delicious food, but the thing I’ve noticed most is that the residential architecture around here reminds me mostly, of all things, of New Orleans. So here’s a series of photos of the things I’ve seen over the past few days– starting with an afternoon wandering through the Royal Botanical Gardens, and an unphotographed lunch at the Sydney Opera House’s outdoor Charcuterie Bar.


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