The Harvest: Day One

On the first day I attempted a honey harvest (before my lovely extractor came in), I removed the freshest frame from the Blues, on which they’d only built out one side’s worth of honey. My roommate helped me fashion a fairly primitive method of extraction, and we made a mess, but the results were delicious and we had a great time!

For reference, this is what an empty frame looks like:


Here’s the bare beginnings on the reverse side of the the frame I harvested:

IMG_20140727_125330_388  IMG_20140727_125430_769

Here’s the side to be harvested:


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Bee International

The long-belated harvest post will be mostly pictures, as it turns out, with some description to narrate. It will come this weekend.

Much has happened in the past seven months– the bees actually moved to a new home in late December, and the Silvers swarmed last month, so there are now three Purgatory Creek hives.

There will be pictures, and there will be chatter, but the most exciting thing in this beekeeper’s life is that my friends taking over the hives means I can embark on an international tour of beekeepers. I’ll be leaving for Australia in a month, and after nine or so months there will head to Europe. This blog will become something of a travel blog, as I document what I see and learn as I discover the world of bees, meadmaking, and general farm living.

That said, I’m looking forward to my next adventures, and I hope you’ll follow along.