And In A Stunning Turn Of Events

The weather was clear enough for me to check the hives at my lunch hour, so I went home and did that, entirely forgetting about, well, lunch.

What absorbed my attention instead was opening my hives for the first time, and seeing what’s been going on inside.

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Always Check The Forecast

Obvious. OBVIOUS. However.

While I am generally an excellent planner, I seem to have forgotten a very basic thing: bees aren’t just beholden to my, and their own, schedules. There’s the bloom, of course, and the weather.

I woke up this morning to the sound’s of last night’s rainstorm still going on, and immediately grabbed my phone to check the forecast for today. The forecast, in fact, for the next few days:


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Must…Resist…Bee Puns

Just so you know, I am keeping track of all the puns I am resisting putting in this blog. There can be absolutely nothing new under the sun in that regard, so I must stay strong. Those who know me can attest to how difficult I find this.

There was a lovely storm, the first proper one of the season, the Friday before I picked up the bees. This was excellent, as it meant the forecasted 90+ temperatures didn’t manifest, and the air was cool and calm in the aftermath when I was setting them up. Sun breaking through periodically, better through the afternoon– quite a nice day, on the whole.

I just went out for a little while to look at the hives (and take a few more pictures, of course). Won’t be opening them up till Tuesday, but I wanted to make sure there was still a reasonable amount of action, and to check the levels of the feeders. Those guys have been sucking it up! Each jar is nearly two-thirds gone, though the Blues have been running through it a bit faster.


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Orientation Flights

My bees arrived today, and they are safely and (hopefully) successfully decanted into their new homes.

I probably should have started this the day I decided to start beekeeping, February 15th, 2014– the day of my beekeeping class, courtesy of Round Rock Honey (and a spectacular birthday gift from a friend). However, I was too busy reading and watching videos and buying supplies to think about documenting the experience, so here I am. A new suburban beekeeper, on day one of having the bees home.

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