Bustle and Bother

Got a late start heading into work today, so I wasn’t able to come by at lunch. Will open the hives tomorrow instead.

A little concerned, but not overmuch– as of 5:15pm the Blue hive is positively hopping, but there’s only about a third of the activity outside the Silver hive. Watched them each for a few minutes, and saw about the same number of pollen-laden bees landing and going in, Silver just seemed to have more in the air. Couldn’t tell if the buzz was the hive itself or mowers in the distance; I’m inclined to think the latter, as I can still hear the hum inside the house now.

I really oughtn’t speculate as much as I do, but that’s what this journal’s for, noting things, and wondering about them, and writing them down so I can tell when I was wrong, rather than participate in a little historical revisionism. Will report back tomorrow with an actual update.


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