Lawn Maintenance

I got a text from my roommate yesterday:

Did you leave a note informing our yard ppl that there are bees in the backyard?

Haha, whoops. In my defense, I didn’t know when they come, or even if they did the backyard. They do, it turns out, but there seems to have been no problem. The beeyard is clearly sectioned off with plenty of space around the hives, and they didn’t attempt the grass within, thankfully.

Trees are flowering around the neighborhood, and I’m watching the backyard plants speculatively. I can’t wait to see what goes bright and blooming next. Still need to do some planting over the beeyard’s trellising.

Took a few minutes to watch the hives after refilling the feeders this afternoon;  noticed in particular some pollen-laden bees going into the Silver hive, which makes me happy. The activity’s about evened out around both– a couple dozen bees at any given point are entering, exiting, or milling about the feeder (as of 5:30 in the afternoon).

I’m planning on opening them up again at lunch tomorrow, to check for the Blue Queen and get a look at what the Silver’s been up to since getting loose; the increase in activity with the Silvers seems promising. Since Blue’s activity hasn’t slackened off I fully expect to either see the queen, or get a better indication of what’s happened. That errant queen cell is still pestering me, but I’ll take more time to pay attention tomorrow.

They’re still going through sugar water at the rate of about a half-pound of sugar per hive per day. I’m not surprised, given that they’re still establishing, and between the heat and the lack of blooms they’ve got enough on their plates. I did refresh the water stand today, but have yet to sort out a better solution. They seem to be doing well enough on their own, but I’d like to get something proper set up before the real heat kicks in.

More pictures and news tomorrow.


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