I Think It’s Safe To Call Them Pets

When the first thing you do upon entering the house at 1am, after five days’ absence, is to drop your bags and go check on them, I suppose the term pets serves just as well as anything. I mean, I’m a cat person already, it’s not like I need the animals I keep company with to express their need to have me around or, indeed, acknowledge my presence.

My roommate refilled the feeders on Friday (and looked quite fetching in the garb– but who doesn’t look good in a beekeeping suit?), but they were empty again when I checked tonight, so I strapped on my gear and filled them again. Will have to check the positioning of the feeders during the day; I know I knocked them around a little in the dark, so I want to make sure that’s remedied.

Didn’t bother with the smoker, since I was gonna be quick about it and not open the hives. Gave the bees at the entrance (good numbers for both hives) a little sugar-water spritz just to keep ’em happy. So yeah, two new milestones: no light and no smoke. Just call me la bee dame sans fumer…


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