Two Pounds in Two Days

That’s how much sugar my hives have gone through so far– so about a half-pound per hive per day. I spent my lunch hour (and a half, whoops) entirely forgetting to feed myself, in favor of getting the next batch of bee-food ready.

I’ll be going out of town for a few days come Wednesday, so I’m going to coach my roommate on re-filling the jars in case they need it while I’m gone. It seems likely– I added another couple pounds’ worth of sugar water today, and will refill them on Wednesday. I made five pounds’ back-up just in case, though, and got some use out of that third carboy I’d bought for mead. Here’s hoping the late spring blooms start kicking in soon, though!

It’s early days yet, obviously, but thus far the Blues seem to be more active– they’ve certainly gone at the feed at a quicker pace. I’ve got to wonder if more of the bees didn’t end up in that hive after the initial settling period.


The Silver hive had a trickier feed can in transit, as well as my issues with dropping the queen in the box, having trouble with the cork, and then not being able to get the queen cage fixed near the top of the frame, though that’s not a huge problem. I’ll find out tomorrow how she’s coming along. Just because her hive’s less active doesn’t mean it seems stressed. I’m glad I have the two hives, though; I’m definitely seeing the benefit of comparison.


I’ll also be taking the transit boxes out tomorrow, and adding in the rest of the frames. I’m really excited about opening the hives for the first time, and getting a look at how my…buddies? ladies? pals? pets? preciousszzz? are doing.

I’ve also noticed an uptick in ant activity in the backyard, as well as birds. Hurrah supporting the ecosystem, but shoo! Makes me long for a place where I can keep chickens. Next homesite, I’m determined.


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