Been Listening

Hey folks, I know it’s been a while since I updated, but in my defense, I’ve been incredibly busy, and hardly anyone reads this anyway.

Thanks, those of you that do.

I’ve been spending much of my time freelancing– got really kicked in a few weeks before I left Adelaide, and have kept up even here in the Outback.

But what you want to hear is this (at least, it’s what I’d want to hear):

Today we slaughtered and cleaned a sheep for eating. I’ve been herding sheep and cattle for over a week now, as well as milking cows, marking lambs, and wrestling the occasional ewe.

This place is the most Outback Experience I could imagine. It’s marvelous, but also very hard work. I enjoy it a lot, though I miss the solitude I had in Adelaide. And the goats.

I’ll update with pictures soon, but I did want to stick my head in, and say hello.


Quick Update: Lambing and Such

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, mostly because happy animals have been happy, and I’ve been really kicking in on my freelancing work. I’m about to go up the hill, though, and hang out with Molly the soon-to-be mum. Of course she decides to lamb the day we were going to move her down to a more convenient place.

If all goes well, I’ll have the boy sheep moved, the girl sheep moved, and Molly and her new lamb(s) down in the tractor shed before dark. Miles to go before I sleep, though, and a lot of those are uphill, literally.

I’ll try to post more while I’m sitting up the hill, staring at the sure-to-be-illuminating spectacle/miracle of birth.

Tansley Farm: Part 0.5

Good lord, I’ve been here over a week, uploaded photos and videos, and have yet to actually post anything. Based on the numbering of this post, feel free to assume this won’t be a proper entry, either.

Just wanted to say I’m alive, and terrifically busy, and enjoying every bit of it. Big posts to come soon, including the final summary of Villa Marti, as well as a discussion of what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been sketching out an explanation of just what my goals are, with this whole taking-off-to-explore thing.

Lots going on, really, and I’ve gotta get up early to milk a goat and take care of animals before going bottle cider. So many good things happening!

In Transit

I’m sitting at the Sydney Domestic airport, drinking a couple of beers and reading a rather excellent book I just bought. Met another interesting person on the train from Wingham, but for now I’m reading and eating cheese, waiting for my flight. Adelaide tonight, and onto Tansley Farm. On the flight I’ll write my reference for Chris and Graham, and finally draft my accommodations post. Just wanted to drop a line for those who may be in the water, so to speak.